Top 10 Off Page SEO Techniques to Generate Traffic

It’s obvious that there are no alternative of search engine to generate huge traffic. Social media or paid promotions may help you to generate short time traffic but search engine is the only reliable way to get traffic for a long time. Search Engine Optimization mainly two types off page seo techniques and on page seo techniques.
On page seo techniques mainly those tasks that you have to do while you write an article based on keywords and how you publish your content in your blog or website.

Off page seo techniques mainly based on how you promoting your blog or website. off page seo techniques helps you more getting traffic from search engine. Though off page seo techniques require more time and hard work for visible results, but it’s inevitable to get benefited for a long time.


One of the best off page seo techniques is social media marketing. Social media marketing helps you to build community and connected with the people over the world. More than 3 billion people are active in social media so you can’t regret to promote your blog and website and generate traffic. Social media also generates natural backlinks that also help you to rank higher in search engine. Undoubtedly you can regret this off page seo techniques if you want to build a strong credibility of your business as well as ensure perfect optimization for search ranking.

Social bookmarking sites are too beneficial to promote your website. Social bookmarking sites help you to drive traffic directly to your website and blog. Popular social bookmarking sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon are creating huge off page seo benefit. Social Bookmarking creates backlinks that relate with off page seo techniques as well as increase search engine ranking.
Forum posting is one of the best off page seo techniques to create do follow backlinks. Join in several popular and relevant forums and start building community. Once you give start respond peoples question, reply threads as well give people value then they will follow your profile and get a chance to drop your blog and website link your answer in forums. When anyone asks about off page seo techniques then I recommend them to take time and build self-brand in your community.

Once directory submission was the easiest ways to create backlinks but nowadays, it’s not much beneficiary in off page seo techniques. Though this off page seo techniques do not generate do follow backlinks, I prefer to choose some popular blog directory submission sites and drop the blog or website links there. Directory submission never provides instant positive results or website hits but you will see the results over a long time.

Article submission in popular article submission directory is another off page seo techniques that generates seo value to your blog or website. You can submit your article links along with your text in article submission directory. Be sure you are submitting unique and informative article in relevant directory, otherwise your submission could be rejected. Don’t mess with keyword stuffing and be natural while submitting article.

Nowadays Q/A sites are too much popular among the people. Quora, Yahoo answers are solving a lot of questions through discussion. Join in these Q/A sites and answer those questions which are relevant according to your website and drop your link in the questions there. Even you can make a follower list and generate them to your website. Even though you have a great chance of getting some backlinks while answering question with your reference links but it’s better to build credibility providing informative answers first.

It’s obvious a single visualization can describe thousand words. Video submission in popular video submitting directory and video sharing sites would generate huge traffic to your site and it’s a great chance to get quality backlinks too. While you submit any video in directory or youtube be sure you have perfectly optimized title and description.

Photo is one of the most important elements for any website and blog as well best off page seo techniques. Two or three high quality photos in your blog post make your post much attractive and valuable. While you drop any photos in your blog post be sure you have write alter tag and perfect description of the photo.
Moreover, there are a lot of photo sharing sites where you can share your site url that contain photos. Flickr is one of the largest photo sharing site among the all.

In all off page seo techniques, Infographics sharing is the most reliable ways for getting high quality backlinks. Nowadays in digital marketing strategy infographics take an important role as well as generate huge traffic. There are a lot of high PR infographics submission directory available in where you can submit your infographics.

Though document sharing not much popular off page seo techniques but it could be able to generate traffic to your site and establish quality backlinks. Create informative documents according to your business or blog. The documents should have unique content and should be in either pdf or ppt format and submit these documents in the document sharing websites.
Though I have mentioned some best off page seo techniques to generate traffic to your blog but you can follow some other strategies too to generate traffic like comment on other relevant blogs and guest posting.
Don’t give up. off page seo techniques require some time to show positive results. It will worth for any business and blog.